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Why consider the Morrisby Profiling system?


The simple answer is 'Differential Ability'


The Morrisby Profile does collect information on career interests and personality (the 'conversation starter' side of careers testing) but it also includes a reliable and valid Differential Ability profile measuring 5 aptitude areas.










Differential ability profiles generate a model of 'intellectual structure' which is not available from an interview but is often very helpful in guidance situations and can be that 'ah hah' moment for clients.


A good analogy of how Differential Ability works is a physical one. If we take 5 measurements of person (height, weight, reaction time, strength, flexibility/agility etc.) and load this information into a computer model (evolved over 60 years and hundreds of thousands of uses) we might expect to be able to generate a list of sports which an individual is more likely to suit, and a list they are less likey to suit - with reasons, caveats etc. 


The Morrisby Profile provides:


  • Cost effective profiling of Intellectual structure, Career interest and Personality type/style of decision making. ($50 per individual)

  • Significant IP from The Morrisby Organisation: blending this information to generate credible lists of subjects, courses and careers for discussion.

  • Interactive capability (the Career Mixer) to vary the weight of the components in the decision algorithm's to generate 'what if' scenarios for discussion.

  • Career information (625 careers in June 2019) and links to Job Guide, Job Outlook and other information sources.

  • An adaptive Study Interest questionnaire focused specifically on study interests (rather than career interests). This is designed for Year 12.

  • Lifetime site access and the ability to re-complete the Career interest, Personality and Study Interest components at any time.


This all makes for an interactive product with a long life rather than a single 'snapshot' view of the individual - which inevitably has a shelf life.



Face to face certification is a 1 day course.

This is priced at $250 and includes your own Morrisby Profile plus some complimentary profiles  - so you can experience how Morrisby Online helps you with your work.


Online certification is also available and makes good sense if you are not Melbourne or Sydney based, or in a hurry.

Certification training is designed for practicing career advisers, career advisers in training or those involved (and typically qualified) in the career guidance of others. If you are 'just interested' certification is not for you.




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Other than NSW 

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What are we trying to do with a Morrisby Profile?


Morrisby Profiling is essentially a reaction to the increasing time pressure faced by career practitioners. 


Intellectual structure apart, any experienced career adviser can, with sufficient time, generate a view of a clients interests and basic personality. They can then use this knowledge to help clients evolve into effective career decision makers.


Time seems very short so tools have evolved to help structure the discovery of information. These tools simply enable you to spend more time doing career guidance and less time asking repetitive questions!!


The Morrisby Profile's Career interest and Personality Type questionnaires offer just this - time and cost effective approaches to data collection. (What they also offer is the motivating capacity for students to 'play' with the results and see what subjects, courses and careers pop out of the system when they apply different settings.)


This is all part of career exploration and there are many products which offer this.


The key component of a Morrisby Profile and the reason you would choose to use this product is of course the addition of the measure of intellectual structure. This absorbs about 85 minutes of the 105 minute on-line testing process - so we see it as important.


Unless you have worked with differential ability it may seem improbable that it adds this much value. The statistics in Australia tell a story.


Who uses Morrisby products?

Since the Morrisby Profile was launched in mid 2014 about 160 non-government schools across Australia have chosen this system - plus over 30 smaller scale users such as private career practitioners. 

All state qualification systems (HSC, QCE, SACE, TCE, VCE, WACE, are catered for.

The Morrisby Profile has also been customised for NZ.

This may give you some confidence to try it yourself?



  • Complete the tests yourself and receive your own Morrisby Profile report - prior to the workshop.

  • Differential ability - theory

  • Differential ability - interpretation exercise

  • The assessments and questionnaires

  • Standarised test conditions - is it really that important?

  • Logistics - driving the assessment and the website

  • How to use a Morrisby Profile with clients

  • Q &A  on the website and functionality

  • Next Steps - getting started

Career Analysts Pty Ltd is a reseller for The Morrisby Organisation in Australia & New Zealand.

They provide localised Morrisby products, accredited training and support.